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The farm has a unique locality and is situated relatively high above sea level. The terrain consists of many different slopes and sides, which makes it ideal for many grape varieties.

The different soil types were mapped so that the best root stock varieties could be chosen for each vineyard.


Wine is still made by using old traditional methods. Red wines are fermented in open cement vats by a trusted and tried method. After the grapes are crushed and milled, it is left for cold maturation of the skins and juice, to give extra character and body. After fermentation starts, the skins have to be regularly pressed down into the fermenting juice by hand. This is a soft treatment for fermenting wine and very labour intensive. The winemaker is involved with the fermenting process from the beginning to the end. He can monitor the process better and make adjustments if necessary.


Wine has been made and exported here since 1704




Current Wine List

The current range consists of the following quality products:



Amity 2012

A delicate white blend with a fruity noise and a fruit salad character on the palate.  
This blend is a good compliment for sushi.
Serve well chilled 12’-15’




Chardonnay 2012

A well balanced wine with an earthy noise and dried peach, banana character on the palate. Slightly wooded.  An excellent compliment with smoked snoek. 
Serve well chilled 12’-15’




Cabernet 2010

A typical full bodied wine, with a cherry and black berry character. Vanilla and chocolate taste to the palate. Suitable for serving with tomato bredie and lamb sosaties. 
A good compliment for all strong cheeses. 
Serve slightly chilled


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Shiraz 2010

A slightly spicy but remarkably fruity red wine. Suitable for serving with springbok pie.  A good compliment with all cheeses. 
Serve slightly chilled.


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Pinotage 2012

A typical full bodied wine, with a strong berry character.  This wine is slightly wooded giving it a full round taste sensation.  Suitable with lamb kebabs served with rosemary potatoes.
Serve slightly chilled.


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De Krakeelhoek Rood 2012 (merlot/shiraz)

Delicate full bodied red wine with a well balanced berry and smoked bacon character.

Suitable for serving with oxtail in red wine.
Serve slightly chilled.




Revival Red 2012 (cabernet/merlot/shiraz)

A well balanced red blend with a blackberry, vanilla and chocolate taste to the palate.  

An excellent compliment with roast leg of lamb served with roast potatoes. 
Serve slighty chilled.




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Dan won Gold Michael Angelo and silver Veritas for De Krakeelhoek, Silver Veritas and Silver Michael Angelo for Revival and Top ten award for Quest for the Best in Wellington for Pinotage.


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