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working farm002The Working Farm

Welvanpas is situated where the Hawekwa and the Groenberg mountain ranges meet.  On the south side of the farm is the Hawekwa mountains, by name “Geelbek’s Kop” and on the north side Groenberg is situated.  The farm is relative high above sea level.  Due to its location, all types of slopes (north, south, east and west facing) are present. This gives many types of micro climates on the different facing slopes.

Welvanpas gets a relative high rainfall due to its location in the mountains. Our annual rainfall is double Wellington’s annual rainfall. The average is about 900 mm per year.

In the early 1970’s a climate survey was done by the department of agriculture, in all the wine producing areas in the Western Cape.  This was done partly due to the wide outbreak of the fungus Plasmopara viticola,   which are responsible for the downy mildew sickness in the vineyards of the Western Cape since 1969.  One of these weather stations was positioned on Welvanpas, giving a detailed report of the day and night temperatures, wind speed and wind direction, humidity and rainfall. This accurate figures, was used in the planning and lay out of the vineyards, assisting in planting the right grape varieties in the different terrain on the farm.

The different soil types where mapped by Dr J. J. N Lambrecht's of the department of agriculture of the US, during 1991. This information was used to determine the best possible use for every area and to know which root stocks to use on the different terrain.

Professor Archer of the department vini- and viticulture at Stellenbosch drew up a long term vineyard plan for the different areas.

Soils with a high production ability, where used for citrus, vine rootstock or vegetable production.

The water we use for irrigation is source water. This is water that has not passed any agriculture lands or houses on the way from the fountain to our dams. Therefor the water has no negative water soluble compounds in it.  Water is brought by pipeline above the Bains kloof pass from the Witteriver at “Gawie se water” to the farm. Our dams are situated very high in altitude, therefore we use gravity pressure to irrigate.  This leaves us with a relative small CO2 feet print for our farming.

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